Trust Divine Timing | Save Money on your Bathroom Remodel

When is the right time to remodel, redecorate or build a new bathroom?

How do you save money when remodeling a bathroom?

How do you design a great small bathroom?


The time is right to do any renovation project when the ‘soul of a space’ makes it possible. The stars aligned with this bathroom project in a truly magical way.

If you’re ready to learn how to create a fabulous new and “soulful” bathroom watch today’s episode.


Here’s the back-story in a nutshell…

In March 2017, my husband and I bought our home. Within 2 months of living in our new home, my fabulous mother moves in with us because of some major health issues. We have a wonderful lookout basement where we created her a mother-in-law apartment. While the space does have a kitchen and it’s own dedicated entrance to and from the garage, it does NOT have a bathroom. So we began to save money to create her a bathroom. In December 2018, we began to meet with contractors to get quotes. January 2019 rolls around and we had a polar vortex and the temperature dropped to -20 degrees Fahrenheit (almost -50 degrees with the wind chill). This caused a pipe to burst in our home and which destroyed 5 rooms. Groan. So the “stars” are obviously misaligned with our vision to build my mom her own bathroom and we are forced to use the money we saved + the insurance money to repair the main part of the house. Once our home was repaired, we began to save money again to put towards building my mom a bathroom.

While the details of this story may not be similar to yours, have you ever found yourself saving for something that you really want only to find that the universe has a different plan?

While it was discouraging at first that we needed to use the bathroom funds in a new way, I can’t help but see gratitude in the soulfulness of the timing because the experience was an opportunity to make

design changes in other parts of the house, which really made our home reflect us and what we value and love, rather than the previous owners. Part of what soulful designing means to me is trusting in the flow of the creative and construction processes, as well as the divine timing. Divine timing has a beautiful way of paying for things. I often find that when I trust the soul of a space to provide insight that things more naturally flow and challenges are overcome with greater ease. Not to mention, that when I’m in the flow of soulfully designing, money has a tendency to magically and unexpectedly appear in the form of a great deal on something, labor coming in the form an out-of-work friend who is awesome at construction, or an unexpected bonus or larger than expected tax refund.

That’s how the “soul” of my mother’s bathroom found it’s opening to be made. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it’s construction and design choices. The timeline for construction was 2 months and it cost us $7029.

Here are some quick tips for how I saved money?

  • Create a budget and stick to it

  • Ask if there are any sales or deals

  • Pay cash (you can often get a 10% off labor costs when you pay cash)

  • Do some tasks yourself (painting, etc.)

  • Buy surplus materials (ie: Habitat for Humanity Restore)

  • Buy big ticket items when they go on sale (holidays)

  • Be kind to workers, store owners, etc.

While this bathroom was a new construction, the same tips and tricks below can apply if you want to do a remodel. Or maybe your bathroom just needs a little sprucing up the outdated décor or inefficient fixtures, I’ve got your covered too.

In a small space like a bathroom, every detail matters: The right wall color, fixtures, tile and lighting can make a drab bathroom into a bright, stylish retreat.


Here are five things to keep in mind when tackling a bathroom re-design in a soulful way:

  1. Decide on a focal point.

  2. Decide how you want the bathroom to feel and then use color to create that feeling.

  3. Add character by decorating with things you love.

  4. Add rich details with faucets and fixtures, but don’t go over budget.

  5. Create interest on the floor with a unique floor tile.


Focal Point:

The shower is the focal point of this bathroom. I chose a glossy faux white marble porcelain tile. I chose the glossy tile because there is no natural light in this basement bathroom and I wanted the glossy tile to bounce the light from the recessed lighting in the shower ceiling. I also chose to place the tiles vertically, rather than horizontally because I wanted to create the feeling of height in the space. Remember it’s a basement bathroom, so I wanted to do everything that I could to make the space feel bigger and brighter.

The “Feeling”:

The feeling of this bathroom is sophisticated, clean, simple and understated. The color palette is white and Sherwin Williams “Lightweight Beige” (paint color) and a select few natural materials.

Adding Character:

I added character to this bathroom by showcasing my mother’s love of textiles and her unique sculpture talents. My mother took two placements and wove them together with her handmade beads. By using this handmade piece of art in the bathroom it gives the space some unique character and makes the space more personal. For more information or to purchase my mother's beads click here.

Rich Details:

I added rich details to the space to help support the feeling (sophisticated, clean, simple and understated) that I wanted to evoke. I did this by choosing mixed materials, which made the space more personal, but also on-trend. I created harmony with the brushed nickel shower and vanity faucets, mirror, and towel racks. I created variety by bringing in wood tones in the tile work and in the shower teak wood seat. Lastly, I added something high-class by upgrading the vanity top to a real white Calcutta marble top, which I got for a $260 (originally value $581). I call that a divine bargain!


I created variety and interest on the floor by using an oak wood grain style porcelain tile. The tile was made by Florida Tile and Berkshire Oak is the color. I chose this tile because I needed the space to be clean and sophisticated and there is nothing more sophisticated than a fabulous wood floor. Granted, this is a bathroom and I was not about to put a real wood floor in a basement bathroom ($$$). Nevertheless, I wanted the feeling that a wood floor creates. More importantly, the soul of this bathroom began with choosing this specific floor tile. This tile was a major find. I got it at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $10 a case. So our final cost for this floor tile was $40. The regular retail price of this tile is $240. I love getting a divine bargain and this tile jump started the whole bathroom project.


Q: How have you created “soul” in your space?

If you follow these design tips, I am confident that you can spruce up or build a fabulous new bathroom. But the most important thing is to make sure that the final space truly reflects you and what you value and care about. There is nothing more soulful that knowing who you are and having your space reflect your unique inner light.

If you have completed a fabulous bathroom or home project please share your photos or comments below. When we share our home makeover talents that bring us pride it makes the world a whole lot brighter and sweeter for the rest of us.

Please leave a comment below because I would LOVE to know how have you created “soul” in your space?

Thank you for watching the series premiere video of my new TV show “The Soulful Designer.” I hope that by watching it I will inspire you and you will use some tip or trick to make your home a little bit more soulful and a lot more “you.”

I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a brand new episode! Till then, be good to yourself. You’re a precious and extraordinary soul.

With TONS of love and excitement!

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