Magical Playground | Slides Your Kids Will Love

How do you turn your backyard into a fabulous playground with awesome slides that your kids will love?

If you’re ready to learn how to create a magical playground for your kids watch today’s episode.

Our home is located on ¾ of acre and is mostly forest and a wonderful pond. Below are 2 before photos showing the forest where I have wanted to build a magical tree house for the past 3 years. We are fortunate to have the space to transform our backyard into a multi-level playground, but because our home is located on a slope and it mostly forest there were some things that we had to do to build a great place to play for our family.

We scored a great deal on a swing set from Costco for our daughter this past Christmas. The brand is KidKraft and the model is called the Cedar Summit Lookout Extreme Playset. The retail price was $2,899 and we paid $999. While we did get an awesome deal, the time involved in customizing it was very labor intensive and building it in 20-degree weather was less than ideal. While my husband was busy sorting the pieces in the garage, I worked on clearing the forest undergrowth and then we had our local tree service take care of the stumps.

Our backyard has a gentle slope, so we needed to bring in topsoil to level the ground so that the swing set would be stable. Unfortunately, because of how our house is positioned and terraced we were not able to easily have truckloads of dirt and mulch delivered so we opted to buy bagged. This is a more expensive option, but I was able to use the wheelbarrow and easily maneuver the dirt and mulch. We purchased 4,000 pounds of topsoil and 11 cubic yards of mulch. We also added 1,500 square feet of new lawn.

The timeline for this whole project was the following:

Swing Set Timeline: 8 weekends

  • Assembly: 4 weekends

  • Landscaping & Tree Removal: 4 weekends

Swirly Slide Timeline: 7 hours

  • Assembly: 5 hours

  • Attach Slide to Deck: 2 hours

So that’s the nuts & bolts of this project, but what makes this swing set truly to magical is what we did with the slides.

Swing Set Tree House Slide

Toddler House Swirly Slide

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