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The Soulful Designer is a design show with soul where home-improvements meet self-improvements to create a meaningful life and home that you love!


I help everyday people find creative home design solutions to solve life’s little problems. Every episode will teach you how to create a life and home that truly reflects your authentic self. I have a divine talent for problem solving and home decorating, and I also have a PhD in design. I want to help you make lasting changes in your life by making small tweaks to your home and your mindset because when your home is beautiful, your inner light shines.

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Creating a Soulful Home _ How I Declutte

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The Soulful Designer

When your home is beautiful your inner light shines.

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The Soulful Designer

You can create a beautiful home AND not spend a ton of money. Let me show you how.


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A collection of projects that I've designed with passion & soul.

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Soulful Bedroom
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The Soulful Designer

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